August 2019: Despite what some newspapers think, we have not resumed any in-person events.


Considering the recent updates regarding the corona virus, and to minimize its spread and protect health, we have cancelled our guild’s World Storytelling Day concert on Saturday, March 21st at the Button Factory.

Please do share your stories with friends and family members on that day, as you are able.

Email badenstorytellers1@gmail.com (note the 1) if you are not already on our mailing list. Also check our FaceBook page for updates. (FaceBook will be updated more quickly than this website.)

The Baden Storytellers’ Guild in Waterloo is dedicated to nurturing and sustaining the development of emerging and established storytellers. The Guild seeks to promote excellence in our art, deepen our understanding of Story, and develop in the general public an awareness of and appreciation for storytelling, both in daily life and as a performance art.

The Guild seeks to promote, support and contribute to the growth of storytellers and to ensure the continuing development of the art of storytelling as an integral aspect of Canadian culture.

Coming Events

World Storytelling Day 2020 Poster

World Storytelling Day Interview on Fika with Vicky, starring our own Carolyn Wilker.

Watch this space or email badenstorytellers1@gmail.com for event details as they are announced. Most of our events are in Kitchener-Ontario, just west of Toronto.

More details on our Coming Events Page.

  • 2019-2020 Stories Aloud Series. Second Friday of every month, September through June, 8:00. Doors open at 7:30.
    Button Factory Arts, 25 Regina St. South, Waterloo, ON. Adults only.
  • Coaching. Experienced tellers will be available to help before some Stories Aloud Open Mic Concerts. Please contact us to make arrangements. badenstorytellers1@gmail.com , or talk to a member.
  • Beginners’ Workshop. Sunday, November 3, afternoon,
    Button Factory Arts, 25 Regina St. South, Waterloo, ON
    UPDATED. See Coming Events Page for times.
    Preregistration required.
  • Storytelling by the guild, Saturday November 23, 11 am – 1 pm, at Kitchener Public Library, 85 Queen St. N.
  • Seniors Storytelling Circle, Wednesday January 15, 1:00-2:30
    Elmira Library
  • World Storytelling Day Concert 2020: Voyages,
    Saturday, March 21, 8pm, $15 at the door, adults only.
    Button Factory Arts, 25 Regina St S, Waterloo, ON. Adults only.
  • Spring Workshop. Details to be announced.

Details on our Guild-Hosted Events Page.

Bad Weather Days for Stories Aloud

If we need to cancel due to the weather, we will, hopefully before 5pm:

  • Announce it here, boldly, on the website, and
  • Announce it on Facebook, and

Please stay safe!

Mailing List

Join our mailing list or check back here for details as they are announced.


Since 1989, the Guild has been a forum for those who wish to work together to learn more about the art of storytelling. We meet monthly to learn about the art and to help each other improve.

We rent performing space from Button Factory Arts, 25 Regina Street South Waterloo, ON

See our Diary on FaceBook.

The Guild is pleased to partner with Button Factory Arts. Members have been invited to perform at Joseph Schneider Haus, the Waterloo Region Museum, Toronto Storytelling Festival, the St. Marys Storytelling Festival and Steckle Farm and Latitudes Storytelling Festival.