Our Founder, Mary-Eileen McClear, 1948-2021

In 1988, Mary-Eileen McClear founded The Second Story Workshop, later to be known simply as The Story Barn. The following year, to provide interested tellers with a home where they could share their knowledge and refine their skills, she established The Baden Storytellers’ Guild.

Truly a renaissance woman, Mary-Eileen was much more than an accomplished storyteller: she was wife, mother, mentor, teacher, musician, humourist, writer, researcher, performer. Everything that she set her hand and mind to she accomplished with ease and grace. Always smiling, always welcoming and supportive, she gently encouraged and guided new talent, bringing out the best in everyone she met.

The Guild has been relocated to its new home but echoes of the magic and wonder held inside the pine-covered walls of the Story Barn shall reverberate wherever members of the Guild gather. Thanks to Mary-Eileen’s passion, dedication and vision, the art and craft of storytelling will continue to grow and flourish. We shall never forget her.

-Ted Derry

Our Founder, Mary-Eileen McClear