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Carolyn Wilker is an editor, speaker and storyteller. Her book, Once Upon a Sandbox, is a collection of prose and poetry about growing up on a family farm. Carolyn teaches Creative Writing at a community centre and outside of it as well as doing workshops on memoir writing. She enjoys music, theatre, scrapbooking, and photography. In season, she keeps a garden, preferring native species wherever possible. Carolyn holds an Advanced Communicator Gold designation with Toastmasters International and is a long-time member of The Energetics Toastmasters, Waterloo, ON. All photos and entries in this blog are copyrighted to Carolyn Wilker, the author of this blog.

You wanted to know about the November 14th, 2015 workshop, Developing Stories

Developing Stories for Telling with Bob Tadman

What this workshop is about?

In this workshop, we will explore together ways in which we can effectively develop stories for telling. In the true spirit of “workshoping,” our learning will be highly interactive and “hands on”. Some of the learning goals will include:

  • Choosing the “right” story ~ or, stories that choose you!
  • Plugging in to the power of your story ~ understanding a Story’s Flux Capacitor
  • Tools for the Teller ~ Structure, conventions and common senses

What do you need to bring?

Participants will need to bring their inner child, passion, curiosity, questions and invaluable experience.


To register for the workshop:

Cost is $40 in advance ($45 at the door). Space is limited so please
register early with Derek. Payment appreciated by November 3rd

Contact Derek Brisland, with ‘Workshop’ in the subject line: foxtales@rogers.com, and let him know you want to participate. Then mail your cheque (to “Baden Storytellers’ Guild”) to:

Baden Storytellers’ Guild,
c/o Derek Brisland,
167 Golflinks Drive,
Baden, ON N3A 3N8

DIARY Baden Storytellers present Bob Tadman for a workshop: Developing Stories, November 2015


Developing Stories” with Bob Tadman
Bob Tadman has been a storyteller for over forty years. He has provided workshops and courses for tellers at all ages and experience, including York University’s The Art of Storytelling. Bob has a wide repertoire of Folk Stories, Legends, Biblical Stories and Tall Tales, but he especially loves sharing Experience Stories for the way they ignite storytelling in others. A retired teacher and principal, Bob is passionate about creating connections and community through storytelling.
Saturday, November 14, 2015, 9 a.m. – 12 noon
At: The Button Factory, 25 Regina St. South, Waterloo, Ontario.

To register, email Derek Brisland at foxtales@rogers.com

Payment: $40 by cheque before Nov 3rd made out to Baden Storytellers Guild, $45 at the door. Space is limited so act soon if you want to participate in this workshop.

Mail cheques to Baden Storytellers Guild,

c/o Derek Brisland,

167 Golflinks Drive, Baden, Ontario N3A 3N8