DIARY—Members and Friends— Winter and Spring 2015


FRESH Stories
Monthly each 3rd Friday
Live Storytelling at MonigraM Coffee Roasters
16 Ainslie St. S., Cambridge

CHANGE OF VENUE! Thank goodness Monica Braun of MonigraM Coffee Roasters has stepped up to the plate and offered a new venue for FRESH STORIES.

Dear Friends of Storytelling,

This month; this Friday, in fact, June 19, 2015, Fresh Stories will not be celebrating stories at MonigraM Coffee Roasters, as we have chosen instead to join in celebrating many other arts here in Cambridge during the Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts. (Now isn’t that a cool thing? Our Mayor Doug Craig does this every year, to bring the arts to the fore here in little hockey town Cambridge – a day set aside to celebrate arts in general and specifically, including culinary arts.) Storytelling will resume in July.

On July 17, 2015, Fresh Stories will again take place at MonigraM Coffee Roasters, 16 Ainslie St S, Cambridge, at a new, earlier time: 6:30 to 8:00. July features the multi-talented Bernadette Rule from Dundas, Ontario – I’m hoping she will tell the story of French Toast, among others!

Then on August 21, 2015, Cambridge’s own Michelle Braniff, recent Artist-in-Residence, and master of several art forms, who had been scheduled for June, will regale us with stories; I’m hoping the story of Daddy’s coat tails in Canadian Tire will be included.

Latitudes Storytelling Festival
Summer Lights Festival, Kitchener
June 20, 2015
2015 Festival
in partnership with Neruda Arts’ Kultrún World Music Festival
July 11-12

Latitudes Storytelling Festival’s turning 10 this year! Come find us at Summer Lights Festival in Kitchener on June 20, as Brad Woods and Tina Grinberg (TBC) tell stories in intimate settings in downtown Kitchener.

Make sure you’re around for the 2015 festival, which will be held in partnership with Neruda Arts’ Kultrún World Music Festival on July 11-12 in Victoria Park, Kitchener. We’re proud to celebrate this milestone with Neruda at Kultrún!

Confirmed performers include Candy Royalle (Australia), D’bi Young (Toronto), Jay Wilson of Pandora’s Sox, Stand Up for Mental Health comedy troupe, and the KW Poetry Slam. The festival is free, as always, and the hours are noon-6 p.m.

We are looking for storytellers, particularly for the children’s venue. If interested, please contact Meg Leslie at info@latitudesfestival.com.

Other ways to connect with us:

Tea and Tales, 2015
Enabling Garden, Guelph
Friday mornings, Summer

The Guelph Guild of Storytellers is once again partnering with the Enabling Gardento present a summer of storytelling. The one-hour programme, commencing July 3 and continuing until August 28 will consist of nine Friday morning performances by local and invited tellers, as well as several local musicians. The sessions, held at the Garden in riverside Park, run from 10:30 am until 11:30 am.

Guelph Guild of Storytellers Monthly Show and Open Mic, 2015
The Bookshelf, Guelph
Second Wednesday of each month.

The Guelph Guild of Storytellers tells on the second Wednesday each month from 7:00 pm to 8:30 at the intimate, book-lined Community Den on the ground floor of The Bookshelf. Plenty of on-street and lot parking, and a year-round schedule. Audience and tellers welcome. Please contact us first if your story is over 10 minutes.

DIARY—Members and Friends—Sept-Dec 2014

—————For more events in Ontario, see the calendar at Storytellers of Canada – Conteurs For more events in Ontario, see the calendar at Storytellers of Canada – Conteurs du Canada.du Canada.

2014 Wordfest OctoberWordfest Elora Open Mic Night
Elora Centre for the Arts
Thursday, October 23, 2014
Featuring Brad Smith (Author of the ‘Virgil Cain’ Trilogy) and Sonia Day (Author of ‘Deer Eyes’).
Please call 519-846-9698 to be on the readers’ list.

A Dah and A Night, Hespeler Village, Art meets Music
August 23, Storytelling at 1:30 pm.

Michele Braniff will be part of A Day and A Night, A Day & A Night in Hespeler Village, Art meets Music on August 23rd with storytelling at 1:30 pm at the Cenotaph beside the Hespeler Heritage Centre. See the Event posted at Michele Braniff Gallery

World Storytelling Day Pictures 2014

Pictures from our concert in March. Many thanks to Celia Lottridge, this year’s StorySave honored teller.

DIARY—Gail Fricker Workshop—Feb 2014

This February, the guild hosted a workshop by Gail Fricker.

The workshop was attended by 15 people. Gail took the participants through the subject of telling a story in the first person and how to use gesture in such a telling. We discussed the line between telling a story and a theater performance.

We also discussed and Gail demonstrated the judicious use of props and costume.

Participants worked in groups in pairs on stories narrated in the first person and then gave feedback to each other on the use of gesture and voice.

It was an enjoyable and successful morning.

We were joined by Betty Bennett and Angelica Ottewill from the Peterborough storytellers.

Thanks to Ann Busby who took registrations and Mary who organized the refreshments.

Derek Brisland Co-Chair.


Article in the New York Post — The Family Stories that Bind Us

Bruce Feiler shares the importance of children knowing stories about their family. This is something we’ve touched on in guild many times. Several of our members work with families and communities to help them learn the value of their family stories, practice sharing them, create stories for the future, and be aware of stories as they happen.


One of the reas…


One of the reasons that storytelling is so powerful is that it honors the listener’s intellect, which creates a participatory relationship wherein the listener begins to own the parts of the story filled in by his or her imagination. A good story invites the listener to personally discover the connection between actions and consequences. A good story invites the listener to scrutinize information, make guesses, and imagine outcomes. A good story triggers empathy and emotions.

— Andrew Maxfield, Director of the Influencer Institute
— (Quote found by Brenda)